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Just Between Us – Think Your Problems Are Related to Communication? Think Again and Consider it is Really What You Are Thinking About Your Partner


Most people think that poor communication is the reason why so many relationships end, but my guest today believes it’s actually the way we learn to think about our partners and our problems that kills trust, erodes intimacy, and cripples communication.

My guest today is Dr. Jeffrey Bernsteina psychologist with over twenty-five years experience and the author of Why Can’t You Read My Mind? Dr. Bernstein explains that toxic thoughts are negative thoughts that have lost their basis in reality and have gotten out of control, causing partners to lose their perspective.

He recognizes that toxic thinking destroys intimacy, trust, empathy, and romance.

Don’t miss this fascinating conversation and learn important tools and strategies that will support you to have a happier, more satisfying relationship.

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Just Between Us – Texting, Posting, Tweeting, Sips and the Balance We Must Create with Our Old Best Friend The Conversation

ReclaimingConversation_3dHow plugged in are you to devices? Smartphone. Tablet. Computer. Kindle.

Do you walk and text? Seriously, tell the truth: Have you stopped looking up and taking in the scenery when you are walking and just look down at your screen?

When was the last time you had an entire meal without taking out your phone or experienced your family members or friends or colleagues taking a quick look at their phones?

Are you aware that there is hard science that has determined that as a result of the way we use technology, we are no longer connecting in the deep, meaningful ways we used to in years one by. Its more that we are intersecting for a moment vs really creating empathy with each other.

One of the leading foremost authorities on all this is here with me today.

My guest for this episode is Dr. Sherry Turkle. Dr. Turkle is a clinical psychologist, professor of the social studies of science and technology at MIT, and the founder and current director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self.

She has spent over three decades studying the way people interact with machines, and is growing increasingly worried about the amount of human interaction people are happy to delegate to robots or carry out over phones and computers.

Dr. Turkle’s most recent book is, Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age.

In this podcast you are going to hear about new research and wonderful stories that will change how you look at your electronic devices forever!

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Just Between Us – Figuring Out What You Are Really Talking About When You Think You Are Talking About Money

I want to suggest to you that when you are talking about money, you are really never talking about money!

And did you know that there are five main emotional habits related to how you think about, react to and make decisions related to money?

My guest for this episode is Joan Sotkin, a Prosperity and Mindset Mentor, the creator of The Prosperity Place, a blogger, the Host of The Prosperity Show Podcast, and the author of Build Your Money Muscles.

Please be sure to give a listen to this fascinating conversation about what is really happening inside you when you think you are talking about money!

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Just Between Us – Traumatic Experiences Don’t Just Happen To Other People: Know What is Possible Following a Traumatic Experience

downloadDo you think traumatic things only happen to other people?

Or do you minimize the serious situations and experiences in your life and err on the side of bucking up, or thinking, “That’s just life” or, “Bad things happen” or “It’s not that bad.”

Every human being experiences traumas of all kinds during their lifetime.

My guest for this episode is Adele Theron, an Author and Trauma Specialist who has spent the past 17 years helping people cope with change and overcome trauma.

Join us for this important conversation.

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Just Between Us – Family Talk: A Powerful Way to Build and Strengthen Family Relationships

Family Talk 2You don’t have to be raising children to recognize how much more complicated and challenging it is to raise children today than it was 20 or 30 years ago.

Young people today have so many advantages and opportunities, and so many shinny objects to keep them stimulated and engaged.

Parents have so many more pressures, responsibilities and distractions than ever before.

But, at the end of the day, it is still the job of parents to make children feel valued and loved; instill values; teach them the difference between right and wrong; guide and nurture them to be conscious and honest; to take personal responsibility; and to create a nurturing environment so they can thrive and develop into confident, independent, and caring adults.

My guest today has an approach that fits the bill! Christy Monson is a retired family therapist and the author ofFamily Talk: How to Organize Family Meetings to Solve Problems and Strengthen Relationships.

Join us for lots of good information that you can start using today to build the family relationships you thought were just your dream.

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Just Between Us – Get Ready. Get Set. Go! Change Your Relationship with Money Today

TheBook1What are your hot buttons or sticking points related to money?

Notice I didn’t ask, “Do you have any hot buttons or sticking points related to money?” That’s because I know you do! We all do.

That isn’t the question.

The two question are:

  1. Do you know what your hot-buttons or sticking points are?
  2. What are you doing about them?

My guest for this episode is Bob Wheeler, the author of The Money Nerve: Navigating the Emotions of Money,which provides a blueprint for exploring emotions that are triggered when managing money or facing financial decisions.

Join us for tips, tools and wonderful conversation.

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Just Between Us – Hitting the Reset Button On What Is Means to Be Getting Older and Living in Your Post-retirement Years

shoppingThe whole area of retirement is front and center for all of us in one way or another. In the US there are 80 million Baby Boomers who are in their 50’s and 60’s and whether you are a Boomer or not, this has significant implications for our society on many levels.

What does retirement look like for the early Boomers who turned 65 in 2011?

What will it look like in 2029 when the youngest Boomer turn 65?

Are these really the Golden Years?

What has it meant and what can it mean to be in the Autumn of our lives?

My guest for this episode is Richard Eyre, the author of the new book “Life in Full: Maximize Your Longevity and Legacy” – a book that provides a post-retirement blue-print for the over 80 million Baby Boomers that have retired or soon will retire.

You don’t want to miss this conversation!

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Just Between Us – Must-Know Secrets for Couples About Retirement

51IEI7i8BlL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_In the beginning retirement age was 65, a full year beyond life expectancy.

Today, that is no longer true. Current actuaries reflect life expectancy for men in the US at 76 years and women in the US at 83. Canada and most of Europe is 80 and 84 respectively.

So what does that mean for the two decades plus that people are living beyond retirement?

Just think of all the areas of married life that are going to be affected and that couples will have to address when one or both retire. And the relationship issues couples will have to become aware of and deal with; and the relationship skills couples will need to learn and use.

My guest for this episode, is Sara Yogev, Ph.D., the author of A Couple’s Guide to Happy Retirement: For Better or Worse…But Not For Lunch. Dr. Sara recognizes that it is crucial that couples prepare themselves and their marriages psychologically for life together in retirement.

Join us for this important and interesting conversation.

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Just Between Us – Whatever You Believe is True About Money Is: Change Your Relationship With Money and Change Your Whole Life


51lhrJ368XLDo you know that managing your money with your partner and building wealth are basic fundamentals requirements of being a healthy, committed couple?

That’s right!  And not surprisingly, Money is the #1 Conflict in Marriage.

Most people think that when they are talking about money, or thinking about money, or worrying about money that it is really about money! Not so!

Money is a microcosm of your life and your relationship. Although the Psychology of Money emphasizes money, the bigger truth is that the mindset and energy that creates financial success or not, is also directly related to the quality of your personal and business relationships, your parenting, your physical and emotional well-being, or decisions about how to create and enjoy leisure time, your creativity, intuition, intimacy…it shows up everywhere in your life!

So, today I want to take this opportunity to talk to you, just you and me; and I want to talk about your beliefs, values and attitudes about money; your money psychology, and building what I like to refer to as your family business.

Thanks for having the courage to click on Download Episode, and enter into the often uncomfortable and ever-important conversation about m-o-n-e-y.  :)




Just Between Us – Turning the Page on Problem Solving to Finding Your Charism (Yes, YOURS!)

jbu8172015Until this interview, I always thought charisma was inborn – you either had it or you didn’t. And somehow, power, money, influence and astonishingly good looks were a part of it.

Boy, was I wrong!!

What do you believe about charisma?

Are you charismatic?

Who do you know who is charismatic?

This is a most interesting episode with my guest, Robin Cofer; who, herself, is a fascinating woman with tons of insight, a wealth of experience and training, and a lot of charisma that she brings to this engaging conversation about charisma. We’re talking about charisma and Leesa Rowland’s new book, Discovering the It Factor within You: Developing Your Charismatic Personality, for which Robin was an important contributor.

You’ll want to definitely join me for this one!

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