Grief and Loss

Just Between Us – Avoid Falling Into The Pitfalls of Career Transition: Get a New Job Without Losing Your Marriage

anneMajor life transitions, especially career transitions, are stressful, and that stress often bleeds into all other parts of your life, especially your marriage.

You know this for yourself: When you feel out of control, you don’t feel a bit out of control, you very likely fall off the cliff; you get critical, judgmental, impatient and nothing is good or good enough.

Financial issues get blown way out of perspective.

For partners who are losing jobs, or going on to new jobs, especially if they’re less prestigious jobs or these folks are earning less money, it can be a time of tremendous strain on their marriage.

We’re going to talk about all this and more today.

My guest for this episode is Anne Crawford, a certified Life Coach who specializes in Career Transitions.

Take 30-minutes and join us for a very interesting podcast.

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Just Between Us – The Holidays Are Anything But Happy When You’re Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

jbudrjackieI decided that today I wanted to talk to you about a very important topic without any guests– just you and me today.

I want to talk to you about Grief and the Holidays.

When you are or someone you care about is grieving the death of a loved one, or you are divorcing or recently divorced, or you or someone you love has been diagnosed with a life-threatening or chronic illness, the Holidays are anything but happy and joyful. You are dealing with a loss event; you are grieving; and grieving in contemporary society can be highly problematic.

So today I would like to spend our time together and talk about grief and grieving –just between us.


I hope this opportunity to be with me today is valuable and that at the end of this episode you are more able to heal and change the anguish of loss to wisdom and creative living.

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Just Between Us – When It Feels Like the Schoolyard Bully Has Shown Up in Your Life, Grab the Bull by the Horns

jbu08182014I bet you’d be shocked if you found out that many seemingly successful people have built their entire lives on a faulty foundation; on false beliefs that they are nothing special; that they don’t deserve love or regard or to be cared for.

Have you ever said, “I am not good enough. I don’t measure up. If I was better, different or more … fill in the blank.” Underneath your “happy mask” do you feel self doubt?

My guest for this episode is Mal Duane, bestselling author and Life Recovery Coach whose book, Alpha Chick Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power, has won many wards and changed the lives of many people. Mal’s life story might not be too different from your life story –one of deep suffering, of pain and loss. But her story is PROOF how it is possible to embrace the challenges that life throws at you and allow your inner self and strength to deal with and conquer those challenges once you find your true inner power of your own self-love.

Give yourself the gift of this 30-minutes. Join me for this inspirational and uplifting conversation!

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Just Between Us – Feelings of grief and loss are legitimate if someone dies. Most people get that.

jbu04282014But if you get divorced -well that is a horse of another color. And even worse, if YOU initiate the divorce and then you are sad or mad or and undone for a time afterward, most people won’t have any compassion or understanding for what you are going through.
Todays episode is going to focus on grieving the loss of a divorce.

I have invited Dr. Deborah Hecker back to Just between Us to add her vast knowledge and wisdom to this discussion about grief and grieving. Dr. Deb is a renowned divorce therapist and the author of Who Am I Without My Partner.

Don’t miss this second part of my conversation with Dr. Deb about divorce. If you only take-in one more piece of information about divorce, let it be that divorce is a major loss event and grieving can make all the difference in the world when it comes to either just getting over your divorce or choosing to recover and be your BEST and most brilliant, passionate Self!

Take 30-minutes and tune it! You’ll be glad you did.

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Dr. Jackie launches Just Between Us

Dr. Jackie is hosting her own show on WebTalkRadio –JUST BETWEEN US!

If you’d like to stop the chaos and seriously build the happy relationships you’ve always wanted then you are in the right place. Join Dr. Jackie for real conversations about dating, mating and relating. You will hear the simple truths about your most personal and important relationships and while you are there – listen up for tips and tools to build and maintain those relationships every day.

Join Dr. Jackie at JUST BETWEEN US.

In Her Wake

Dr. Jackie sat down with Nancy Rappaport, MD, and author of In Her Wake – A Child Psychiatrist Explores the Mystery of Her Mother’s Suicide.

In 1963 when Dr. Rappaport was only four years old her mother died by suicide. Years later she began to investigate her mother’s life and the mysteries surrounding her death; and explore the impact of her mother’s suicide from the perspective of a daughter, psychiatrist, wife and mother of three. Over the next number of years Dr. Rappaport began to understand more about the complicated nature of loss, reconciliation and healing.

This conversation between two women who understand the issues of loss and the importance of open and honest communication in families is a must-hear!

Dr. Rappaport is assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School where she teaches undergraduates, medical students, and residents about child development; supervises child psychiatry fellows in local schools; is a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist; and has worked with the Cambridge public schools as an attending child and adolescent psychiatrist for more than 18 years.

Don’t miss this conversation!

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Things Doctors Don’t Tell you About Cancer

Join Dr. Jackie and Julie Silver, M.D. for a frank discussion about cancer and life after cancer. Dr. Silver offers dozens of invaluable suggestions, words of support, encouragement, and hope, generously shared by survivors from around the world.

There are the things the doctors don’t tell us.

Dr. Silver herself is a cancer survivor who took her own journey through the “healing zone,” perfecting her healing techniques as she worked to speed her own recovery.

She is an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School; and the author and editor of more than a dozen books, including a number of medical textbooks and the books What Helped Get Me Through; Super Healing; After Cancer Treatment: Heal Faster, Better, Stronger; Polio Voices; Understanding Fitness; and Life After Stroke. She is also the Chief Editor of Books at Harvard Health Publications and the recipient of many awards including the most prestigious honor bestowed by the American Cancer Society, The Lane Adams Quality of Life Award. Dr. Silver lives outside of Boston and has three children, who are the authors of Our Mom Is Getting Better and Our Dad Is Getting Better, published by the American Cancer Society.

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Widow Words

Join Dr. Jackie and Marcia Coran, author of Widow Words, for an intelligent and insightful conversation about death, grieving and rebuilding life. If you have experienced the death of a loved one, you do not want to miss this interview!

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Hello – From Dr. Jackie

Thank you so much for being a faithful listener! It has been a privilege to be part of your life and bring you my brand of advice for dating; and building committed, joyful and lasting relationships!

I am going to take a break from posting for the next several months.

I am focusing on the launch of my new book Meeting Your Match: Cracking the code for successful relationships!

We anticipate that the book will be on bookstore shelves, Amazon and Barnes and Noble dot com in the Fall (in the US) 2007!

There are not enough hours in the day for me to do everything so I had to make a decision about where to put my time and attention.

After the launch of MYM, we will be consolidating our Blog and our Podcast I will be posting articles, Relationship Tips and Audio files

AND… we are building an eSTORE with lots of terrific relationship-oriented books and CDs

Please remember …

1. You are in charge of making decisions and acting and reacting according to your values; NOT in response to
your old pain or out of fear.

2. Commitments and agreements are the very foundation of all relationships, and crafting elegant agreements infuses life and personality into relationships.

3. Your inner guidance system is a combination of these four related, but separate, parts: Needs/values, Vision, Life purpose and Mission. A love relationship is most fulfilling and satisfying when it is in alignment with your Needs/values, Vision, Life purpose and Mission.

4. Settling for less is often the result of you not recognizing that your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, needs and wants are legitimate.

5. Your primary, monogamous, long-term, love relationship will be the centerpiece of the rest of your life. Be picky! Be discerning. Be discriminating. Be selective. Don’t settle for second best.

6. Be actively engaged in the life that you love, and you will more readily attract the love of your life

So until we meet again, take very good care and remember… only YOU can make it happen!

Dr. Jackie

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Rapid Relationship Recovery

Lemonade Out Of Lemons!

Have you recently had a relationship end? Or are you in a relationship that needs to end?

Nina East, author of “Rapid Relationship Recovery” had a relationship end and it wasn’t her choice. Nina thought her life was over and that she would never be able to love or trust again. Like many of us she had made a life commitment that just wasn’t to be.

In this interview Nina shares how she transformed what was at first a remarkably painful experience into a healing movement.

Loss creates a vacuum into which something greater always flows. Rapid Relationship Recovery is just that.

(This interview is part of the Dr. Jackie Black Show collection recorded from 2003 through 2005 and brought to you courtesy of Dr. Jackie’s RelationshipTalk™ Podcast).

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