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Just Between Us – Finally: Special Tools and Strategies for Military Couples

cover_familiusMarriage, under the best of circumstances, can be challenging.

That couples actually co-create loving, intimate and lasting marriages is nothing short of a testament to them as individuals and the attention and intention they bring to their love, to their marriage and to each other.

Add to that the stress and pressures of being a couple in the military, you have all the makings for challenges on steroids.

Then, add everything related to one or both partners being deployed, and you have a situation that requires special care and support.

My guest today is Dr. Stanley Halla couple and family therapist specializing in counseling military families, and the author of Deployed: The Survival Guide for Families at War. 

Please join me for this important conversation that has something for all couples!

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Just Between Us – Everything You Need To Know About Being a High Functioning and Happy Step-Couple, Step-Family and Step-Parent


The Step-parent dynamic is one of the most, if not THE most, challenging relationship dynamics. There are many good reasons for this, and some not good reasons.

  • Someone else is loving and taking care of OUR kids.
  • Our kids are loving and enjoying being with another parent-type person, and for many that is simply intolerable.
  • Sometimes people are so mad at each other and holding so much resentment that it leaks out all over everyone who comes into contact with them.

And the list goes on and on.

We can all talk about the problems and challenges from our own experience, and from the experiences of friends, family members, the parents of our kids’ friends.

But what we don’t do is talk about how to resolve the Step-stuff that is normal and natural. And that is the subject of our podcast today.

My guest for this episode is Jenna Korf ,co-author of the book, “Skirts At War: Beyond Divorced Mom/Stepmom Conflict,” a Certified Stepfamily coach, blogger, stepmom and a stepchild! Jenna is also the developer of the Stepfamily Certification Course.

Join us for an interesting and very informative 30-minutes!

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Just Between Us – Forgive Me; Forgive Me Not: Good Reasons to Forgive and What to Know Before You Do

51Q8Ej5LRaLForgiveness is one of the most misunderstood and most underutilized relationship success skills. Join us as we talk to Lori Rubenstein, the author of Forgiveness: Heal Your Past and Find the Peace YOU Deserve, and we explore Forgiveness

Do you know that…
• False beliefs about what forgiveness is keeps you from forgiving?
• Withholding forgiveness and keeping your hurt front and center in your life and in the lives of those who hurt you will not keep you from being hurt by them again?
• Blaming others and making sure they know they are wrong and you are right won’t make you feel better?
• Forgiving is for YOU?
• It is YOUR right and your responsibility to yourself to decide to stop allowing someone else’s bad behavior to keep hurting you?

Come discover with us new ways of thinking about forgiveness, the good reasons to forgive, the downsides of not forgiving and a lot more!

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Dr. Jackie launches Just Between Us

Dr. Jackie is hosting her own show on WebTalkRadio –JUST BETWEEN US!

If you’d like to stop the chaos and seriously build the happy relationships you’ve always wanted then you are in the right place. Join Dr. Jackie for real conversations about dating, mating and relating. You will hear the simple truths about your most personal and important relationships and while you are there – listen up for tips and tools to build and maintain those relationships every day.

Join Dr. Jackie at JUST BETWEEN US.

Manifesting for Non Gurus


Join Dr. Jackie and Robert MacPhee, the creator of the Manifesting for Non Gurus approach to work and life. Robert trains executives and groups to implement the approach into the daily work environment to get better, faster, easier results individually and as a whole; and teaches individuals the five-step Manifesting for Non Gurus approach to successfully make the changes they desire and lose weight, increase income, attract the ideal relationship…to lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.


Robert’s simple, five-step Manifesting for Non-Gurus approach includes 5 elements:

1. Who are you?
2. What are you intending to attract?
3. How will you feel?
4. Let go of attachments.
5. Take inspired action.

Don’t miss this lively and important conversation as Robert and Dr. Jackie discuss the concept of ATTACHMENTS and take the whole notion of “being attached” out of the theoretical and the philosophical and into your real life and real relationships.

Click on the actual image of the book and get the signed book AND the Partner Journal plus other special offerings from Robert for Dr. Jackie’s listeners!

Also, visit and read more about Robert’s life transforming work.


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Soul-Hearted Partnership

Join Dr. Jackie and her guest Dr. Debra Reble, the author of Soul-Hearted Partnership –Creating the Ultimate Experience of Love, Passion and Intimacy, for a rich discussion about building the kind of marriage that affirms your best and most brilliant passionate Self and some of the stumbling blocks that might get in the way of you doing that.

Dear valued listener: We apologize for several technical imperfections in this recording. Please be assured that we have done our BEST to create a professional recording that will support your enjoyable listening experience. Dr. Jackie

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Discovering Your Amazing Marriage:

Co-authors and husband and wife, Jason and Debby Coleman, join Dr. Jackie for an indepth conversation that focuses on protecting your marriage from infidelity and the possibilities for repair if one of you is unfaithful. This couple has been there, has recovered, and is here to share their wisdom and rich learning with Dr. Jackie.

Listen in as these writers/Sweethearts reveal the secrets to help you reignite the romance, respect and love in your relationship.

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The Image Maker Presents Features Dr. Jackie

Dr. Joyce Knudsen, radio show host for The Image Maker Presents, recently interviewed Dr. Jackie about her new book Couples & Money: Cracking the code to ending the #1 conflict in marriage.

-Do you know that your past deeply affects and continues to influence your financial present and future?

-How would your life be different if you could successfully challenge and change your early beliefs and current attitudes about money?

-Would it be of any interest to you to make sustainable changes in everyday money decisions?

During this interview Dr. Jackie tells all!

Sit in on this fascinating conversation and get the inside story about your money psychology and how to positively impact money issues in your life – once and for all.

Regardless of your relationship status today, you won’t want to miss this podcast and this in-depth conversation about money and the essential relationship success skills that will enable you to talk about money and manage money in a healthy and effective way.

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Runaway Husbands

Join Dr. Jackie and her guest Vikki Stark, the author of Runaway Husbands: The Abandoned Wife’s Guide to Recovery and Renewal. This book is based on a study of over 400 women worldwide who were left out-of-the-blue from what they believed to be happy marriages. Stark has been a family therapist and marriage and divorce counselor for over twenty-five years, and the impetus for this particular book was that she too experienced Wife Abandonment Syndrome.

Wife Abandonment Syndrome is not simply that someone decides they want a divorce. This is a worldwide phenomenon in which women, who believed they and their husbands were happily married, were suddenly left, absolutely out-of-the-blue.

Don’t miss this riveting conversation as Dr. Jackie and Vikki Stark sort through the issues of shock, betrayal, emotional devastation and the renewal that is possible from this kind of life experience; AND a frank discussion about if or how you can ward off this phenomenon.

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Don’t miss this light-hearted conversation about the most serious subject in your life – connecting with your partner! Join Dr. Jackie and her guest Bobby O’Neal, known as Canada’s Dr. Love. Bobby is the creator of a new board game for couples called Syncrohearts. This is so much more than a board game. It is a rich opportunity for couples to connect with each other in a safe and fun way, using humor, intuition, and relationship skills you’re going to want to know about!

Celebrating your life and your love life is the center-piece of Syncrohearts!

Take a few minutes and listen in now.

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