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Just Between Us – If You Want To Find a Partner Who’s a Great Match, Show Up and Be Who You Really Are


41kwV1Fa0cL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Where ever I go the #1 topic of conversation among single men and women is how much they hate dating; how hard it is to find nice men or nice women; how all the good ones are taken.
My guest expert for this episode is KEN PAGE, LCSW, a psychotherapist, author and lecturer specializing in issues of intimacy, personal growth, creativity and spirituality, and the author of Deeper Dating: How to Drop the Games of Seduction and Discover the Power of Intimacy, and the developer of the Deeper Dating events.

Here’s the bottom line: Be who you are. That is the place inside you where love resides that you express to another person. That is the place inside you where love comes in to you from another person. Now listen to this terrific conversation and get all the details starting from the beginning!

Join me for another episode that will support you to build your best life and love life!




Just Between Us – How Important is it to Date Your Type? Or is it more Important To Explore Your Non-Type?

hejustnotyourtype-xlDating to find your ideal partner can be exhausting, expensive and frustrating.

Most people don’t understand that dating is a process with a beginning, a middle and an end.

Both men and women get caught up focusing on what the person they are dating thinks about them.

Wouldn’t it be better to figure out who you are in the deepest recesses of your being; get a solid handle on who your ideal partner is; what the personal qualities, values and beliefs are that would be a fabulous match for you?

Today we’re going to explore the idea of dating your non-type and a whole more.

My guest is Andrea Syrtash, a dating and relationship expert and the author of the new audio book, He’s Just Not Your Type (and that’s a good thing).

Don’t miss this fast-paced conversation that is packed with great information!

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Just Between Us – Everything You Wish You Knew About Love, Sex and Intimacy But Never Learned

518cWJUdy1L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I have several important questions I want you to think about before you listen to this podcast:

  1. Do you know the difference between affection, passion, sensuality, intimacy and being sexual?

Does your partner?

  1. On a scale of 1 to 3, when you think about the level of closeness and connection you have with your partner, where do you land?
  2. How much clarity do you have about what kinds of things may be keeping you from being as close and connected with your partner as you want to be?

My guest for this episode are Mali Apple and Joe Dunn, the authors of The Soulmate Lover: A Guide to Passionate and Lasting Love, Sex, and Intimacy.

Please join me for this illuminating conversation with the experts who are living their passion!

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Just Between Us – Bet You Think Effective Communication is All About Talking: Think Again and Get the Real Truth About Effective Communication

416PIuKFtKLOne of the most common things partners identify when they are expressing distress in their relationship is to talk about communication.

Couples often call me or other relationship professionals and want to work on their communication.

The problems and challenges couples experience RESULT in troubled or ineffective communication.

Communication is rarely, if ever, the problem to focus on.

My guest for this episode is Bob Paff, Communications Expert and author of Communicating to Win: In Life, Love, and Business.

Join Dr. Jackie and Bob for a fast paced and interesting conversation. Share your thoughts and send your comments to Dr. Jackie.

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Just Between Us – Love is NOT Enough: The Rest of What You Must Know For a Lasting, Happy Relationship

51lBWtFWReL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Do you believe in of Happily Ever-after or Forever?

I know I did; more than once!  :)

But the problem is that the vast majority of people around the world don’t have any idea how to actually make Happily Ever-after or Forever a reality in their relationship.  

When was the last time you were given solid information about relationships? When did you learn any relationship success skills?

If you are like the vast majority of people the answer is probably –never!

If Love was enough, millions of couples all over the world would be deeply satisfied and indeed, be living Happily Ever-after.

My guest for this episode is ALAN C. FOX a NY Times bestselling author whose people tools have transformed thousands of lives; and the author of the new book, People Tools for Love and Relationships: The Journey from Me to Us.

Join us for an engaged conversation that is filled with solid ideas, tips and strategies you can begin using TODAY!

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Just Between Us – Top Secrets of Successful Online Dating

jbu8102015Wherever I go the #1 topic of conversation among single men and women is how much they hate dating.

This episode is filled with the top tips and secrets about what you should say in your profile; why people lie; why men don’t say what they mean; how soon should you have sex; should you date a “player”; does commitment mean the same thing to men and women; what should you consider before you choose a dating site; and much, much more.

My guests for the episode are John and Loretta Gavin – a married couple who met online, became friends first, and then went through the ups and downs of dating and almost lost each other. John is the author of Romeo’s Dilemma.

This is a lively conversation that is fun and interesting whether you are single or have been married for years.

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Just Between Us – Beware: How You Show Up When You Date Is a Good Indicator of How You Will Show Up in a Relationship

jbu08032015What do you know about your Dating Patterns? Dating Habits?

Do you know how to Recalibrate the Signals you are sending the men or women you are meeting so they will want to get to know you better?

What do you think about Flirting? Long Distance Relationships? Prenups?

My guest for this episode is Annie Gleason, an expert Dating Coach and Blogger for men and women of all ages, specializing in dating during mid-life.

This is a fast-paced conversation with so many tips, tools and strategies on so many different topics that you will want to listen – for sure!

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Just Between Us – Let Your Struggles Catapult You to Your Greatness

jbu06222015Have you ever wondered why something is happening to you?  Have you ever said:  Why me? Why this? Why now?

▪               Do you believe that YOU create everything that you have -or don’t                       have in your life?

▪               Are you actively being the architect of your life and creating what you                 want and if you don’t like what you have created you create                               something different?

▪               Do you operate from a place of taking personal responsibility for what                 you have in your life?

The tools we have for living life this way and finding meaning and purpose are:

▪               Self Awareness

▪               Being Present

▪               Showing up and being engaged, involved and invested

Today we’re going to focus on self-awareness with my guest for this episode, Vladimire Calixte,
a licensed therapist and the author of Naked and Transparent: Six Vital Tools for Knowing Yourself and Attracting Healthy Relationships.

I think there will be something new and interesting for you today!

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Just Between Us – Love, Sex and Monogamy: The Biologist and Psychologist Duke it Out

Over the years I’m sure you have heard many variations of the same story about the X and Y chromosomes – that men have the Y chromosome and that by the very nature of their DNA they are set up to be sex machines. They have a higher sex drive than women; they think about sex more than women; they experience intimacy through sexual contact unlike women.

06082015My guest today is a biologist who has spent a number of years in the wilderness of Alaska observing whales, animals, birds, and people native to Alaska; AND who was named The COSMO (Cosmopolitan magazine) Bachelor.

Michael Modzelewski, the author of the new book,
Wild Life: The Miss-Adventures of a Cosmo Bachelor, is with me for this episode to talk about Love, Sex and Monogamy.

You’re going to want to hear every word of this conversation!

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Just Between Us – Its You And Its Me Too: Stopping the Cycle of Relationship Dysfunction

jbu04202015Do you long to be in a committed relationship? Is your partner putting off that “C” conversation and not on the same page with you? Is the act of committing challenging for you or for your partner?

It’s very possible that you are a Love Addict attracted to Commitment Phobes or a Commitment Phobe attracted to Love Addicts?

How can you know?
Are you a Love Addict?
Are you afraid of being single? Worried about what others think?
Terrified of rejection?
Tolerating abusive behavior and not ending the relationship for good?
Are you a Commitment Phobe?
Do you have trouble with feelings from the past?
Desperately wanting to find the perfect woman?
Getting bored after the Honeymoon Stage?
Putting off making that commitment?

My guest expert for this episode is Emily Wilcox, the author of
The Commitment Phobe: It’s Not You…It’s Him

Join us as Emily and I talk about women who are Love Addicts attracted to men who are Commitment Phobes.

It is not usual for me to use labels and jargon with you, but this dynamic is v-e-r-y common and I think you will be easily able to relate to the behaviors we are discussing, and find tremendous value for yourself!

Don’t miss this episode!

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