jbu120114Have you ever been in a conversation with your Partner –or with anyone for that matter – and all of a sudden a minor disagreement has gotten completely out of hand or a simple conversation has suddenly turned into a shouting match?

Do you know WHY this happens?

Because your fear of being abandoned, or disappointing your partner makes itself the primary consideration in the conversation.

Hearing another person’s opinion or point of view can trigger the feeling of being invalidated, and for many people, it’s a signal that ridicule, criticism or judgment is on the way!

My guest for the episode is Pegotty Cooper.  Pegotty is a professional coach, the co-founder of the CDC Certified Divorce Coach Training and the co-author of Divorce: Overcome the Overwhelm and Avoid the Six Biggest Mistakes – Insights from Personal Divorce Coaches.

Join me for another episode that will support you to build your best life and love life!

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