jbu04282014But if you get divorced -well that is a horse of another color. And even worse, if YOU initiate the divorce and then you are sad or mad or and undone for a time afterward, most people won’t have any compassion or understanding for what you are going through.
Todays episode is going to focus on grieving the loss of a divorce.

I have invited Dr. Deborah Hecker back to Just between Us to add her vast knowledge and wisdom to this discussion about grief and grieving. Dr. Deb is a renowned divorce therapist and the author of Who Am I Without My Partner.

Don’t miss this second part of my conversation with Dr. Deb about divorce. If you only take-in one more piece of information about divorce, let it be that divorce is a major loss event and grieving can make all the difference in the world when it comes to either just getting over your divorce or choosing to recover and be your BEST and most brilliant, passionate Self!

Take 30-minutes and tune it! You’ll be glad you did.

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