ReclaimingConversation_3dHow plugged in are you to devices? Smartphone. Tablet. Computer. Kindle.

Do you walk and text? Seriously, tell the truth: Have you stopped looking up and taking in the scenery when you are walking and just look down at your screen?

When was the last time you had an entire meal without taking out your phone or experienced your family members or friends or colleagues taking a quick look at their phones?

Are you aware that there is hard science that has determined that as a result of the way we use technology, we are no longer connecting in the deep, meaningful ways we used to in years one by. Its more that we are intersecting for a moment vs really creating empathy with each other.

One of the leading foremost authorities on all this is here with me today.

My guest for this episode is Dr. Sherry Turkle. Dr. Turkle is a clinical psychologist, professor of the social studies of science and technology at MIT, and the founder and current director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self.

She has spent over three decades studying the way people interact with machines, and is growing increasingly worried about the amount of human interaction people are happy to delegate to robots or carry out over phones and computers.

Dr. Turkle’s most recent book is, Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age.

In this podcast you are going to hear about new research and wonderful stories that will change how you look at your electronic devices forever!

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