51lhrJ368XLDo you know that managing your money with your partner and building wealth are basic fundamentals requirements of being a healthy, committed couple?

That’s right!  And not surprisingly, Money is the #1 Conflict in Marriage.

Most people think that when they are talking about money, or thinking about money, or worrying about money that it is really about money! Not so!

Money is a microcosm of your life and your relationship. Although the Psychology of Money emphasizes money, the bigger truth is that the mindset and energy that creates financial success or not, is also directly related to the quality of your personal and business relationships, your parenting, your physical and emotional well-being, or decisions about how to create and enjoy leisure time, your creativity, intuition, intimacy…it shows up everywhere in your life!

So, today I want to take this opportunity to talk to you, just you and me; and I want to talk about your beliefs, values and attitudes about money; your money psychology, and building what I like to refer to as your family business.

Thanks for having the courage to click on Download Episode, and enter into the often uncomfortable and ever-important conversation about m-o-n-e-y.  :)




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