jbu08182014I bet you’d be shocked if you found out that many seemingly successful people have built their entire lives on a faulty foundation; on false beliefs that they are nothing special; that they don’t deserve love or regard or to be cared for.

Have you ever said, “I am not good enough. I don’t measure up. If I was better, different or more … fill in the blank.” Underneath your “happy mask” do you feel self doubt?

My guest for this episode is Mal Duane, bestselling author and Life Recovery Coach whose book, Alpha Chick Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power, has won many wards and changed the lives of many people. Mal’s life story might not be too different from your life story –one of deep suffering, of pain and loss. But her story is PROOF how it is possible to embrace the challenges that life throws at you and allow your inner self and strength to deal with and conquer those challenges once you find your true inner power of your own self-love.

Give yourself the gift of this 30-minutes. Join me for this inspirational and uplifting conversation!

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