jbu04072014Marriages are in trouble and they are in trouble in staggering numbers.

Depending on the statistics you read the divorce rate is right at or just over 50% for first marriages in North America. And the divorce rate for second marriages is 60% and for third marriages is a staggering 73%.

In this episode, I want to focus on what happens deep inside us when we divorce our spouse or are divorced by our spouse. We all know about the shifts and changes in our lives on so many levels, but this episode specifically focuses on what happens in our deepest, most personal level.

I believe that divorce is one of the most devastating loss events one can experience. It is right up there with the death of a loved one. It is foolishness and insulting to believe or to be told that we should just pick ourselves up and dust our selves off and keep going. Something BIG has happened that requires our full attention and our full commitment to healing, developing and growing personally.

My guest for this episode is Dr. Deborah Hecker, a renowned divorce therapist and the author of Who Am I Without My Partner?

Don’t miss this conversation. It is different from the typical conversation about divorce.

Take 30-minutes and tune it! You’ll be glad you did

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