Just Between Us – How To Go Through a Divorce and Not Be Completely Wrecked When It Is Over

41spEW+gkhLSometimes Divorce is a legitimate option.

What I specifically want to talk about today is H-O-W to walk through the divorce process so that at the end of it you are not depleted and exhausted; you’re not bitter or angry; or so wounded that you limp through the days, weeks and maybe months of your life post-divorce, unable to be your best and most brilliant passionate Self, the YOU you are meant to be.

My guest for this episode is Toni McGillen, a Professional Certified Life Coach and the author of the book  In the MeanTime

Join us for an honest, uplifting conversation that is packed with do-able tips, tools and strategies.

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Just Between Us – Whatever You Believe is True About Money Is: Change Your Relationship With Money and Change Your Whole Life


51lhrJ368XLDo you know that managing your money with your partner and building wealth are basic fundamentals requirements of being a healthy, committed couple?

That’s right!  And not surprisingly, Money is the #1 Conflict in Marriage.

Most people think that when they are talking about money, or thinking about money, or worrying about money that it is really about money! Not so!

Money is a microcosm of your life and your relationship. Although the Psychology of Money emphasizes money, the bigger truth is that the mindset and energy that creates financial success or not, is also directly related to the quality of your personal and business relationships, your parenting, your physical and emotional well-being, or decisions about how to create and enjoy leisure time, your creativity, intuition, intimacy…it shows up everywhere in your life!

So, today I want to take this opportunity to talk to you, just you and me; and I want to talk about your beliefs, values and attitudes about money; your money psychology, and building what I like to refer to as your family business.

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Just Between Us – Secrets to STOP Arguing with Your Partner

bookThe media are constantly reminding us that  + 50% of couples in North America get divorced; that the divorce rate is higher than that for couples marrying the second and third time; and that divorce rate is unprecedented for couples married 25 and 30-years.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of all the negative press and doom and gloom around marriage.

I think it is time to focus on happy couples and how happy couples (become) stay happy!

My guest for this episode is Fawn Weaver is a marriage advocate, the founder of the HappyWivesClub.com, a community of close to one million women in 110 countries, and the author of the new book, The Argument Free Marriage.

This is a mind-stretching, heart-warming conversation! Join me! You’ll be glad you did.

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Just Between Us – Turning the Page on Problem Solving to Finding Your Charism (Yes, YOURS!)

jbu8172015Until this interview, I always thought charisma was inborn – you either had it or you didn’t. And somehow, power, money, influence and astonishingly good looks were a part of it.

Boy, was I wrong!!

What do you believe about charisma?

Are you charismatic?

Who do you know who is charismatic?

This is a most interesting episode with my guest, Robin Cofer; who, herself, is a fascinating woman with tons of insight, a wealth of experience and training, and a lot of charisma that she brings to this engaging conversation about charisma. We’re talking about charisma and Leesa Rowland’s new book, Discovering the It Factor within You: Developing Your Charismatic Personality, for which Robin was an important contributor.

You’ll want to definitely join me for this one!

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Just Between Us – Top Secrets of Successful Online Dating

jbu8102015Wherever I go the #1 topic of conversation among single men and women is how much they hate dating.

This episode is filled with the top tips and secrets about what you should say in your profile; why people lie; why men don’t say what they mean; how soon should you have sex; should you date a “player”; does commitment mean the same thing to men and women; what should you consider before you choose a dating site; and much, much more.

My guests for the episode are John and Loretta Gavin – a married couple who met online, became friends first, and then went through the ups and downs of dating and almost lost each other. John is the author of Romeo’s Dilemma.

This is a lively conversation that is fun and interesting whether you are single or have been married for years.

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Just Between Us – Beware: How You Show Up When You Date Is a Good Indicator of How You Will Show Up in a Relationship

jbu08032015What do you know about your Dating Patterns? Dating Habits?

Do you know how to Recalibrate the Signals you are sending the men or women you are meeting so they will want to get to know you better?

What do you think about Flirting? Long Distance Relationships? Prenups?

My guest for this episode is Annie Gleason, an expert Dating Coach and Blogger for men and women of all ages, specializing in dating during mid-life.

This is a fast-paced conversation with so many tips, tools and strategies on so many different topics that you will want to listen – for sure!

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Just Between Us – The Secrets to the Mindset and Skills that Make Marriage Work

jbu072715When people fall in love and get married no one expects to get divorced. But what do you do to ensure that your marriage will keep growing and getting better and better every day; every month; and year after year?

My guest today has learned many rich and valuable lessons from his divorce after 16 years of marriage, and he’s here with me today to share his insights and experiences.

Gerald Rogers is the author of The Marriage Advice I Wish I Would’ve Had and the facilitator of The Marriage Mastery Program.

Join me for this interesting conversation jam-packed with solid information you can use today!

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Just Between Us – The Secrets to Being a Successful Mom to a Teenaged Daughter

jbu072015Historically, it seems that every generation thinks the generation or two that comes after them is somehow flawed or less than.

At this time in history, I believe we are in a cultural crisis in the US, and I think it is valuable to spend some time looking at some of the key issues of the day; specifically related to how couples are building families and how couples morph into parents, build families and how children are responding to the values, beliefs and parenting styles of their parents.

My guest for this episode is the perfect person to do just that.

Gwen Gistarb is the author of The Lesson Plan: A Workbook for Mothers and Teenage Daughters.

Join me for this fast-paced and engaging conversation.

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Just Between Us – Time to Start Thinking About What and How You Are Thinking

SONY DSCI believe that when we focus on the things we want, rather than the things that we don’t or the things that are missing, we begin to attract those things into our lives.

My guest today believes that thoughts create outcomes, and if you want something different in your life you have to change what you are thinking and how you are thinking about things. Kim Ades is the designer of the Frame of Mind Coaching Program and she helps people master their thinking in order to help them achieve extraordinary outcomes in all areas of their lives.

Join me for this fast-paced and engaging conversation.

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Just Between Us – More Empathy Please: The Art and Science of Non-violent, Compassionate Communication

jbu070615Have you ever been in a conversation with a difficult person?

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who completely looses it, and you think you’re having a fairly benign conversation? Or they hear something you said and think it is something else altogether.

Fortunately, there is something we can all do to improve these conversations, and have less stress and more peaceful and satisfying conversations with everyone.

My guest for this episode is Rick Goodfriend, the author of I Hear You, But… Communication & Listening Skills: Tips for Improving All Relationships and the founder of World Empathy Day.

Join me for this lively discussion.

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