Just Between Us – When Your Partner is Addicted: The Web of Heartbreak and the Possibilities of Recovery

jbu06292015I want to let you know that in this episode we will be exploring themes that may not be appropriate for young listeners. If this was a television show I might give it an M rating –for mature audiences.

Addiction can be related many different areas in life. We are all pretty familiar with drug and alcohol addiction -and you may be a recovering alcoholic or drug user, or know a recovering alcohol or drug user.

▪               Why do people get addicted?

▪               Why do some people get addicted to any number of different things,                     and others don’t?

▪               If you are in a relationship with an addict should you stay or should you go?

We’re going to explore these questions and much more with my guest today, Billi Caine, a professional in the addiction recovery world for over 25 years.

Join me for this important podcast.

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Just Between Us – Let Your Struggles Catapult You to Your Greatness

jbu06222015Have you ever wondered why something is happening to you?  Have you ever said:  Why me? Why this? Why now?

▪               Do you believe that YOU create everything that you have -or don’t                       have in your life?

▪               Are you actively being the architect of your life and creating what you                 want and if you don’t like what you have created you create                               something different?

▪               Do you operate from a place of taking personal responsibility for what                 you have in your life?

The tools we have for living life this way and finding meaning and purpose are:

▪               Self Awareness

▪               Being Present

▪               Showing up and being engaged, involved and invested

Today we’re going to focus on self-awareness with my guest for this episode, Vladimire Calixte,
a licensed therapist and the author of Naked and Transparent: Six Vital Tools for Knowing Yourself and Attracting Healthy Relationships.

I think there will be something new and interesting for you today!

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Just Between Us – Make Divorce Your Last Resort Not Your First Option

jbu06152015The divorce rate has been spiraling out of control for years now. By all accounts in North America it is close to or a little over 50%. That is catastrophic on many levels.

Not only does divorce affect the two people divorcing, it affects children, family members, extended family, friends, neighbors and believe it or not it affects society as a whole.

For many people divorce is a legitimate and appropriate choice. And even though that is true, the divorce process often leaves people feeling lonely, flawed, enraged, undesirable, helpless, empty and emotionally raw and overwhelmed.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and understanding the process can help you end your marriage and not go limping away needing years to heal and repair.

My guest for this episode is Henry Gornbein, a family law attorney and the author of Divorce Demystified.

Join me for this important podcast.

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Just Between Us – Love, Sex and Monogamy: The Biologist and Psychologist Duke it Out

Over the years I’m sure you have heard many variations of the same story about the X and Y chromosomes – that men have the Y chromosome and that by the very nature of their DNA they are set up to be sex machines. They have a higher sex drive than women; they think about sex more than women; they experience intimacy through sexual contact unlike women.

06082015My guest today is a biologist who has spent a number of years in the wilderness of Alaska observing whales, animals, birds, and people native to Alaska; AND who was named The COSMO (Cosmopolitan magazine) Bachelor.

Michael Modzelewski, the author of the new book,
Wild Life: The Miss-Adventures of a Cosmo Bachelor, is with me for this episode to talk about Love, Sex and Monogamy.

You’re going to want to hear every word of this conversation!

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Just Between Us – Are You Ready to Make Your Marriage Your Greatest Adventure?

jbu06012015Is your marriage what you want it to be?

When we talk about falling in love, getting married and building a marriage that will be happy and lasting we know for sure that Love is NOT enough.

We’re in a very exciting time in history. The paradigm for marriage that has been in place for over 65 years is shifting and changing. And there is an exciting conversation going on about what people want and how they co-create the life and the love-life that will be aligned for them; that will affirm and esteem their best and most brilliant passionate selves in the presence of each other.

My guest today is on the leading edge of this conversation. He is truly a visionary when it comes to marriage and relationships.

David Steele, the author of the new book,
Radical Marriage, Your Relationship as Your Greatest Adventure, a licensed Marriage Family therapist, a pioneer in the field of relationship coaching and the founder of the Relationship Coaching Institute the first and largest international relationship coach training organization.

Join us as David and I talk about commitment, communication, intimacy and sex.

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Just Between Us – Change Your Mind, Change Your Love Life: The Differences Between Men and Women You Must Understand

jbu05182015For a long time now experts and professionals have been telling us that men and women aren’t so different; and we should celebrate the differences.

Maybe we should, but let’s first understand clearly what those differences are, respect those differences and stop needing each other to be more like we are.

Join Dr. Jackie and her guest expert, Kathryn Foster, Ph.D., the author of
The Naked Truth About Men (and Romance), for a fascinating and must-hear conversation.

You won’t be disappointed!

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Just Between Us – Great Sex: Don’t Think For a Minute That Happens Only In Your Body

jbu05042015I hope you enjoy this Best of Dr. Jackie! I look forward to being back with you next time!

There’s an old saying: “If you want to make love to your wife tonight you’d better start in the morning.”
While that old adage comes right straight out of that old, outdated model of marriage, there is still a shade of truth for contemporary couples.

More than ever before in recorded history, contemporary couples are concerned with living their individual and their couple Vision, love of Self as well as Partner, and deepening emotional intimacy; “higher order needs” that require tools and skills necessary to create committed, intimate and lasting relationships in today’s fast paced and information-driven world.

My guests in this episode are Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson, the authors of a new book, Great Sex Made Simple: Tantric Tips to Deepen Intimacy & Heighten Pleasure, their third book in an amazing series. They are a devoted married couple and have been teaching Tantra together since 1999.

There are more misunderstanding about Tantra and Tantric sex than you can shake a stick at, as another old saying goes.

I encourage you to give a listen because Mark and Patricia will offer practical tools you absolutely will be able to put to work in your marriage that will help you and your partner deepen your intimacy in and OUT of the bedroom. Only a very small percentage of traditional Tantric practices are physically sexual in nature. So do yourself and your partner a favor, take 30-minutes and listen to this inspiring and enriching episode on Just Between Us!

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Just Between Us – Its You And Its Me Too: Stopping the Cycle of Relationship Dysfunction

jbu04202015Do you long to be in a committed relationship? Is your partner putting off that “C” conversation and not on the same page with you? Is the act of committing challenging for you or for your partner?

It’s very possible that you are a Love Addict attracted to Commitment Phobes or a Commitment Phobe attracted to Love Addicts?

How can you know?
Are you a Love Addict?
Are you afraid of being single? Worried about what others think?
Terrified of rejection?
Tolerating abusive behavior and not ending the relationship for good?
Are you a Commitment Phobe?
Do you have trouble with feelings from the past?
Desperately wanting to find the perfect woman?
Getting bored after the Honeymoon Stage?
Putting off making that commitment?

My guest expert for this episode is Emily Wilcox, the author of
The Commitment Phobe: It’s Not You…It’s Him

Join us as Emily and I talk about women who are Love Addicts attracted to men who are Commitment Phobes.

It is not usual for me to use labels and jargon with you, but this dynamic is v-e-r-y common and I think you will be easily able to relate to the behaviors we are discussing, and find tremendous value for yourself!

Don’t miss this episode!

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Just Between Us – It All Begins with You and Knowing What You Want

jbu04062015There is a lot of conversation and controversy all over the world about finding the right guy or being with the wrong woman; or knowing what you want or not being too picky! Yikes! What are we to do?

My guest expert for this episode is Barbara Summers, the author of
Next! A Matchmaker’s Guide to Finding Mr. Right,Ditching Mr. Wrong, and Everything In Between“.

Join us as Barbara and I explore the Best Practices in Relationship and share our best tips for taking charge of your love life.

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Just Between Us – Are Women Really In Charge of Choosing Love?

jbu03232015What would you say if I suggested to you that there are ways to find love that work much better than others?

Contemporary women are bright, articulate, competent, inspired problem solvers, visionaries – and yet, all too often women’s relationship with Self, partners, family and friends suffer.

My guest expert for this episode is Fiona Fine, a speaker, coach, communications expert and the author of
Babe in Total Control of Herself – Stop Chasing Men and Start Choosing LOVE.

This show will invite to to consider things that you probably never considered before. Give yourself the gift of 30-minutes of interesting conversation and solid advice.

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