Join Dr. Jackie and Julie Silver, M.D. for a frank discussion about cancer and life after cancer. Dr. Silver offers dozens of invaluable suggestions, words of support, encouragement, and hope, generously shared by survivors from around the world.

There are the things the doctors don’t tell us.

Dr. Silver herself is a cancer survivor who took her own journey through the “healing zone,” perfecting her healing techniques as she worked to speed her own recovery.

She is an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School; and the author and editor of more than a dozen books, including a number of medical textbooks and the books What Helped Get Me Through; Super Healing; After Cancer Treatment: Heal Faster, Better, Stronger; Polio Voices; Understanding Fitness; and Life After Stroke. She is also the Chief Editor of Books at Harvard Health Publications and the recipient of many awards including the most prestigious honor bestowed by the American Cancer Society, The Lane Adams Quality of Life Award. Dr. Silver lives outside of Boston and has three children, who are the authors of Our Mom Is Getting Better and Our Dad Is Getting Better, published by the American Cancer Society.

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