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In the early 2000’s I had an “Internet Streaming” radio show. Those were the days when I had to buy bandwidth, which was where the recordings of the shows resided, and you were chained to your computer to listen.

Though the iPod was released in October 2001, it wasn’t until Christmas, 2005 that the iPod’s popularity soared.

And the Podcast was born.

People were on the move and downloading content into their iPods so they could listen to their favorite content-providers at their convenience while they were walking, jogging, cooking; you name it.

In April, 2006 I said goodbye to my 60-minute Internet Streaming radio show and hello to my 30-minute podcast, The Dr. Jackie Black Show; which I produced and which was hosted by several different companies until December 2012.

On December 17, 2012 my podcast, Just Between Us, was launched by Brad Saul and WebTalkRadio.net. They produced and hosted Just Between Us until January, 25, 2016.

Brad passed away Thanksgiving weekend, 2015, and I ended production of Just Between Us at the end of January, 2016.

This website is home to every podcast I have recorded since April, 2006.

I hope you enjoy the hundreds of relationship-focused conversations with thought-leaders and experts of all kinds who offer interesting perspectives and thought-provoking ideas for our time.


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Just Between Us – Finally: Special Tools and Strategies for Military Couples

cover_familiusMarriage, under the best of circumstances, can be challenging.

That couples actually co-create loving, intimate and lasting marriages is nothing short of a testament to them as individuals and the attention and intention they bring to their love, to their marriage and to each other.

Add to that the stress and pressures of being a couple in the military, you have all the makings for challenges on steroids.

Then, add everything related to one or both partners being deployed, and you have a situation that requires special care and support.

My guest today is Dr. Stanley Halla couple and family therapist specializing in counseling military families, and the author of Deployed: The Survival Guide for Families at War. 

Please join me for this important conversation that has something for all couples!

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Just Between Us – Think Your Problems Are Related to Communication? Think Again and Consider it is Really What You Are Thinking About Your Partner


Most people think that poor communication is the reason why so many relationships end, but my guest today believes it’s actually the way we learn to think about our partners and our problems that kills trust, erodes intimacy, and cripples communication.

My guest today is Dr. Jeffrey Bernsteina psychologist with over twenty-five years experience and the author of Why Can’t You Read My Mind? Dr. Bernstein explains that toxic thoughts are negative thoughts that have lost their basis in reality and have gotten out of control, causing partners to lose their perspective.

He recognizes that toxic thinking destroys intimacy, trust, empathy, and romance.

Don’t miss this fascinating conversation and learn important tools and strategies that will support you to have a happier, more satisfying relationship.

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Just Between Us – Everything You Need To Know About Being a High Functioning and Happy Step-Couple, Step-Family and Step-Parent


The Step-parent dynamic is one of the most, if not THE most, challenging relationship dynamics. There are many good reasons for this, and some not good reasons.

  • Someone else is loving and taking care of OUR kids.
  • Our kids are loving and enjoying being with another parent-type person, and for many that is simply intolerable.
  • Sometimes people are so mad at each other and holding so much resentment that it leaks out all over everyone who comes into contact with them.

And the list goes on and on.

We can all talk about the problems and challenges from our own experience, and from the experiences of friends, family members, the parents of our kids’ friends.

But what we don’t do is talk about how to resolve the Step-stuff that is normal and natural. And that is the subject of our podcast today.

My guest for this episode is Jenna Korf ,co-author of the book, “Skirts At War: Beyond Divorced Mom/Stepmom Conflict,” a Certified Stepfamily coach, blogger, stepmom and a stepchild! Jenna is also the developer of the Stepfamily Certification Course.

Join us for an interesting and very informative 30-minutes!

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Just Between Us – Texting, Posting, Tweeting, Sips and the Balance We Must Create with Our Old Best Friend The Conversation

ReclaimingConversation_3dHow plugged in are you to devices? Smartphone. Tablet. Computer. Kindle.

Do you walk and text? Seriously, tell the truth: Have you stopped looking up and taking in the scenery when you are walking and just look down at your screen?

When was the last time you had an entire meal without taking out your phone or experienced your family members or friends or colleagues taking a quick look at their phones?

Are you aware that there is hard science that has determined that as a result of the way we use technology, we are no longer connecting in the deep, meaningful ways we used to in years one by. Its more that we are intersecting for a moment vs really creating empathy with each other.

One of the leading foremost authorities on all this is here with me today.

My guest for this episode is Dr. Sherry Turkle. Dr. Turkle is a clinical psychologist, professor of the social studies of science and technology at MIT, and the founder and current director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self.

She has spent over three decades studying the way people interact with machines, and is growing increasingly worried about the amount of human interaction people are happy to delegate to robots or carry out over phones and computers.

Dr. Turkle’s most recent book is, Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age.

In this podcast you are going to hear about new research and wonderful stories that will change how you look at your electronic devices forever!

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Just Between Us – Avoid Falling Into The Pitfalls of Career Transition: Get a New Job Without Losing Your Marriage

anneMajor life transitions, especially career transitions, are stressful, and that stress often bleeds into all other parts of your life, especially your marriage.

You know this for yourself: When you feel out of control, you don’t feel a bit out of control, you very likely fall off the cliff; you get critical, judgmental, impatient and nothing is good or good enough.

Financial issues get blown way out of perspective.

For partners who are losing jobs, or going on to new jobs, especially if they’re less prestigious jobs or these folks are earning less money, it can be a time of tremendous strain on their marriage.

We’re going to talk about all this and more today.

My guest for this episode is Anne Crawford, a certified Life Coach who specializes in Career Transitions.

Take 30-minutes and join us for a very interesting podcast.

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Just Between Us – Figuring Out What You Are Really Talking About When You Think You Are Talking About Money

I want to suggest to you that when you are talking about money, you are really never talking about money!

And did you know that there are five main emotional habits related to how you think about, react to and make decisions related to money?

My guest for this episode is Joan Sotkin, a Prosperity and Mindset Mentor, the creator of The Prosperity Place, a blogger, the Host of The Prosperity Show Podcast, and the author of Build Your Money Muscles.

Please be sure to give a listen to this fascinating conversation about what is really happening inside you when you think you are talking about money!

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Just Between Us – Traumatic Experiences Don’t Just Happen To Other People: Know What is Possible Following a Traumatic Experience

downloadDo you think traumatic things only happen to other people?

Or do you minimize the serious situations and experiences in your life and err on the side of bucking up, or thinking, “That’s just life” or, “Bad things happen” or “It’s not that bad.”

Every human being experiences traumas of all kinds during their lifetime.

My guest for this episode is Adele Theron, an Author and Trauma Specialist who has spent the past 17 years helping people cope with change and overcome trauma.

Join us for this important conversation.

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Just Between Us – Conflict: Friend, Foe, or a Rich Opportunity for Personal Growth and Healing


book-pageDo you the same argument with your partner over and over again?

Are you and your partner getting along well one minute and the next minute one of you has done or said something that triggers the other and literally rips both of you out of the sweet, loving moment you were sharing and into an uber bad place for both of you?

This is much more common than you may think.

We all fall into patterns of behavior with each other and we all have reactive patterns, meaning that we react to what is being said or done or at least what we t-h-i-n-k is being said or done, and we react vs stop, take a moment and then respond proactively.

My guest for this episode is Tara Fields, a licensed marriage and family therapist and the author of The Love Fix.

Don’t miss this conversation and the 3-minute “Fixes” Tara shares.

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Just Between Us – If You Want To Find a Partner Who’s a Great Match, Show Up and Be Who You Really Are


41kwV1Fa0cL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Where ever I go the #1 topic of conversation among single men and women is how much they hate dating; how hard it is to find nice men or nice women; how all the good ones are taken.
My guest expert for this episode is KEN PAGE, LCSW, a psychotherapist, author and lecturer specializing in issues of intimacy, personal growth, creativity and spirituality, and the author of Deeper Dating: How to Drop the Games of Seduction and Discover the Power of Intimacy, and the developer of the Deeper Dating events.

Here’s the bottom line: Be who you are. That is the place inside you where love resides that you express to another person. That is the place inside you where love comes in to you from another person. Now listen to this terrific conversation and get all the details starting from the beginning!

Join me for another episode that will support you to build your best life and love life!